If you have a unique question of your own, please send us an email!
Is there an age requirement to slide?
Like most larger-than-life rides, all sliders must be at least 5 years old and over 46 inches tall. Tubes are for one slider only, and lap riding is not allowed. If your child meets the age and height requirements, ensure they are capable of sliding 1,000 feet on their own tube! All minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
What should I bring?
•An appropriate swimsuit (no sharp objects attached)
•Water-friendly shoes! (pavement is hot and you'll be walking)
•Cash + cards for food and merch
•All of your friends!

What does my ticket include?
An inflatable tube, mouthguard, drawstring bag, and wristband.
Is parking available?
Please check your email after registration, as information is updated regarding parking and slide times.
What do I wear?
What would you wear to a water park? Wear whatever you’re comfortable getting wet in! We advise against wearing anything with exposed zippers, rivets, or anything inappropriate for a family-friendly event. You can hold or wear your water shoes, sandals, or flip flops while you slide.

Can I participate if I have medical issues or am pregnant?
If you have a pre-existing health condition, we advise you to discuss possible participation with your doctor. We discourage participation if you are pregnant or have heart, neck, or back issues or injuries. There is always a chance you can be bumped into by another slider, fall off your tube, or be knocked off your tube.
Can my family and friends watch me slide?
Definitely! We just ask that they stay behind the fencing/caution tape for safety purposes. We also ask them not to gather at the slide’s exit point so as not to create a blockage for sliders.

What happens if there’s bad weather?
The rain just brings more slipping and sliding! For more critical weather concerns (tornados, flooding, etc.), check your Facebook event page for the most up-to-date information. If the weather is deemed dangerous by your event director or local authorities, we will email you with cancellation or postponement details.
Are you interested in sponsoring, performing, or being a vendor
We’re always interested in partnering with companies and individuals that add value to our events! We have vendor booth spaces, sponsorship packages, and performer packages available. If interested, email us at info@slidethecity.com
Want Slide the City to come to your city?
Email us at info@slidethecity.com for suggestions. Hopefully, we can come soon!
Can I bring my pet dog, cat, or lizard?
We love your pets, which is why they aren’t allowed. For the safety of pets and all participants, please leave your furry/scaly/slimy/squawking friends at home. Participation will be prohibited should they tag along. Service animals are allowed, but please bring required paperwork of proof.
Are you a blogger, photographer, or videographer interested in attending an event?
Add to it your portfolio! Email us at info@slidethecity.com to start the conversation! Can’t wait!

I lost something at the event, what do I do?
All lost items are taken to our check-in tent. If you’ve already left the venue, you can email us at info@slidethecity.com to help find any missing objects!